Rules, regulations, recommendations, details and joining instructions

Joining instructions:


1. Set up account


2. Set up club:


3. Invite team members to join your club:


4. If you have titled players who are not recognized by please take them through this process to get them recognized:


5. Email to confirm you would like to enter and that you accept all the rules, and confirming your username to receive a free 3 month trial Diamond membership!

6. Add this account to your club:

Peter Hornsby (worldchessleaguelive) - Chess Profile -

7. Make that account admin: 


8. Add: who will then add you onto the Captain’s group chat.

The games are not FIDE or ECF etc. graded (though will be rapid-play rated on and entry is free for everyone, Therefore in liu of entry fees, please consider donating here to raise money for charities fighting COVID 19:


Then await an email announcing your game!

** Deadline to enter the 2023-2024 WCL.L Season is 11pm UK time on 24th September 2023 ** 

(teams are accepted at the Tournament Director's discretion)


 Tournament format and rules:


All teams will be pooled into groups of 8, with each team playing each other once, so a total of seven matches which will take place from October 2023 to March 2024.

Teams will be seeded based on the final positions of the league table of the 2022-2023 World Chess League.Live season.

New teams, where possible, will be pooled together in a group of their own.

Teams will have until September 1st to take up the option of scheduling their own matches with agreements with the opposition captain. Matches can take place before October if they choose.

After that point, on September 3rd the Tournament Director will schedule the matches for all teams on one of the following dates:


Group stage:


Fixture 1:  October 7th & 8th 

Fixture 2:  November 4th & 5th

Fixture 3:  December 2nd & 3rd

Fixture 4:  January 6th & 7th

Fixture 5:  February 3rd & 4th

Fixture 6:  March 2nd & 3rd

Fixture 7: March 30th & 31st

You must play your matches at the time you have been given by the Tournament Director.

If you do not like the time you have been allocated, you must: 

1. Contact your opponents to request a change, the time being before the deadline for the Round to be completed. 

2. If they agree contact the Tournament Director who will create the game link.

3. If they do not agree, you must accept an 8-0 default loss for the Round. 


Play-offs (knock-outs):

A total of 16 teams will qualify for the play-offs. This includes:

- The winners of each group

- Any remaining places will be distributed on the best performing teams that did not qualify as winners from the group stage.

-This will be decided by total match points. If there is a tie to qualify, teams will be split firstly by performance in the group stage: net game points, total game points, then by number of players fielded (highest wins), then the drawing of lots.

- After the group stage is completed, will undertake a 'Fair Play Check' on all relevant players.

Qualification for the play-offs is only confirmed after that point.

- Each player that plays in the play-offs must have played at least twice in the group stage, with the exception of one 'special allocated' player that only has had to played once.

As soon as the 'Fair Play Check' is complete the Tournament Director will make the draw (at random) for first round of the play-offs: 

First knock-out round of the play-offs: (16 teams, 8 fixtures):  April 28th 2024

Quarter Finals: (8 teams, 4 fixtures): 13th July 2024 

Semi-Finals and Final:  (4 teams, 4 fixtures): 14th July 2024

If there are any draws in the knock-out rounds, the winners will be decided by performance across the 2023-2024 WCL.L season: match points, net game points, total game points, then by number of players fielded (highest wins). If still level it will go to  board count, then bottom board elimination then the drawing of lots. 

The timings of all these play-off matches will be set by the Tournament Director, however if both captains agree to a different time, as long as it is completed within schedule, that will be permitted.

If any team fields an ineligible player in the play-offs, the whole team automatically loses the match with a 8-0 scoreline. Furthermore, if any player is banned for any reason from, the whole team is eliminated from the play-offs.

Re-instatement of other teams may hence take place where possible, at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

Further rules:


By taking part you and your whole team consent to all of these rules and decisions/judgements made by the Tournament Director and you forfeit the right to take any legal action against the Tournament Director and/or the World Chess League.Live for any reason.


All Chess Standard matches are to be played on You must ALL agree to ALL of the policies, players AND captains  (this is what you did by acquiring a account) which you commit to doing so by partaking in this tournament.


You must enable the Tournament Director to be at least a junior administrator for your team on


 For each match, each player plays 2 games per round against the same opponent back to back. It's 1 point for a team win, 0.5 for a draw, 0 for a loss.

The same is true at an individual level between teams, so whichever gets the most individual points wins the match.   

The time control is 10 minutes + 5 second increment. All matches are rapid-play rated.


All players must agree to play on camera for the Play-Offs and any other match if requested by the Tournament Director.

The Tournament Director takes no responsibility for the distribution of prizes which are provided by the sponsors, the respective team captain must contact them directly to claim and arrange it. 


You must have at least 4 players for each match to avoid team or board defaults: 

-If four players show up on one team, and less than three players show for the opposing team, the opposing team loses

8-0 by default. 

- If four players show up on one team, and three players show up on the other team, the team with four players has 2 default game points for the match (2-0).

- If two players show up on one team, and one/none of the other team show up the score is 4-0 to the team that has two players. 

-If three players show up on one team, and one/none of the other team show up the score is 6-0 to the team that has three players.

-If three players show up on one team, and two players show up on the other team, the team with three players has 2 default game points for the match (2-0).

-If both teams only field 2 or 3 players, the match will be treated as 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3 match. Captains can agree to these matches if they wish, if they both contact the Tournament Director in advance via email. 

- If both teams field more than 4 players, it will be treated as a 4 vs 4, 5 vs 5 , 6 vs 6 match and so on.

- If both teams field less than 2 players, the match is declared void and no points will be awarded.

-If both teams do not complete the results before the deadline the match will be declared void and both teams will get 0 points and risk expulsion from the competition.

However, forfeits/defaults will only be able to be claimed if the opposition emails the Tournament Director at  within one hour of the match finishing to make a claim, unless the

Tournament Director happens to witness it.

Proof has to be demonstrated through taking a screenshot for example if it looks like your/some of your opponents are not going to show up you need proof to claim the default win/win on boards, so it is required that you take a screenshot and send it to via email  to  within 2 hours of the match finishing to make a claim, such as 2 seconds before the match starts as evidence.


No player is allowed to play for more than one team. If this happens then default losses will be issued to the player in the second/third etc. team they play for. The only exception to this rule is for the Tournament Director himself.

The Tournament Director reserves the right to change the team name in certain circumstances: For example, if Bloggs University win the tournament but don't field any students, it would not be appropriate for that name to be used.

Furthermore, no teams from Russia will be allowed to participate in the competition until further notice due to the ongoing war against Ukraine.

If a team defaults more than one match, they can be expected to be removed from the competition. Any team that is removed from the competition, or withdraws, will have all their past, present and future matches declared as 8-0 losses. If two teams that are no longer in the competition are due to play each other, neither team will be awarded any points.

All teams and usernames must be of a respectful name, and abuse of any nature inside or outside the tournament (such as, but not limited to, accusing someone of cheating publicly or privately) to anyone will not be tolerated, if this happens sanctions will be applied at the discretion of the Tournament Director. 

You need to use the same account throughout the whole tournament unless granted permission in advance by the Tournament Director with the approval of (this cannot be done retrospectively), if this has not been granted you/the player concerned will be defaulted in losses for all your games across the tournament for the second/third etc account that is used.

Titled players also MUST use their main account (not the anonymous/training one) or else they shall receive the same punishments.


A team is not eligible to win any prizes or qualify for the play-offs unless they reveal all their named players who take part and their usernames to go with them. It's an anti-cheating deterrent. Evidence shows that it's far less likely if people have their real names related to the tournament they are playing in:

You will need a stable internet connection to play. If you disconnect and lose time or the game that is unfortunate but nothing can and will be done on our side.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the correct people are in your club and that no imposter plays deliberately or by accident in your team match. If they do, whatever the result is will have to stand, alongside accordance to all other tournament rules.

Multiple teams:


At the Tournament Director's discretion, clubs may be allowed to enter more than one team. No switching is allowed between these teams and if there are switching it will result in default individual losses as a penalty for the second/third etc team they play for.

Team captains will need to declare before 1st September their intentions to how they plan to split their all players, listing them in rapid-play rated order for example: 

A team: 

1. Player One: 2300

2. Player Two: 2200

3. Player Three: 2100

4. Player Four: 2000


B team: 

1. Player One: 1900

2. Player Two: 1800

3. Player Three: 1700

4. Player Four: 1600

No Grandmaster's (GM's) are allowed to play for 'B' teams, however they can always play for 'A' teams regardless of rapid-play ratings. Therefore, any new player to the list (apart from GM's) cannot play for the 'B' team if they have a rapid-play rating higher than 1900, on the basis of the example above.



Glitches: These may happen, unfortunately nothing can be done about them in the event so whatever says the result is, the result is. Apologies in advance if this happens to you. You cannot explore other sections of the website during your games.


The only exception for this is if a server upgrade or crash takes place affecting both teams stopping the game or preventing it from taking place. The teams can agree to a 4-4 draw, or the Tournament Director will mandate and arrange a full replay between the teams (but not the exact players) within 7 days.


If there are problems it is recommended to refresh the page. This usually happens if you play your second game as white after the first move, you may need to refresh page and make move again.

You can report glitches here:

How do I report a bug or make a suggestion? - Member Support and FAQs


Anti-cheating policies:



We hope never to need it but we do have world anti-cheating experts with state-of-the-art technology on a panel if there are any issues. You cannot use any computer or human or any other assistance during your games. We can also, at our discretion and with his permission, (not on the panel) have games analysed by THE world expert on anti-cheating measures Dr. Kenneth Regan:


If a player is banned from for any reason, regardless whether it was related to the tournament or not, all their games for this season only will be declared default losses. At the Tournament Director's discretion, this punishment may also extend to all players who played below that board in that match.

Reasons for bans have to remain confidential for the guilty and the victims. This applies to organizers as well as players, are in no way obliged to pass information for why someone is banned 'even' to the organizers, though they have been extremely helpful in striking a balance. There may be safeguarding implications, so please be understanding.


If you suspect cheating you must report it to the platform (email and through this procedure:

You also must send an email to


If you/one of your players are banned from you must inform within 24 hours and should you wish email copying in to appeal.

A player being banned does not interpret an opinion from the World Chess League.Live or the Tournament Director that the player in question is indeed guilty of cheating, such judgement is deferred to for the sake of the tournament and you accept by entering this tournament that you forfeit the right to take legal/libel action against the Tournament Director of these grounds.


If the appeal is successful the player will be re-admitted and the results reverted back to what they were. Being issued a new account by is not the same as a successful appeal.


Players banned may be allowed to play again in the tournament after a suspension at the discretion of the tournament Director. Rehabilitation is a virtue in all walks of life and Chess is no different. Results will not be changed if someone is banned on another platform. If you have however been banned twice on for any reason you will be banned from playing any World Chess League.Live tournament for life. 


If a player is banned and they play again in the league, regardless of in which season, without permission from the Tournament Director all games they play will be declared as default losses for their team. will put players in rated order automatically, so if you've just joined you must play at least 5 rapid play rated games first so it will be a fair reflection and place you in the correct position within your team. If you do not, for example having a new titled player on board 4 with a 400 rating to ‘sandbag’ the opposition sanctions will be applied, whether by accident or otherwise. If it is the bottom board, then the result is 'wiped' if any positive results are obtained by the 'new' player. If it higher than a bottom board, then it is set to default losses for that player, and potentially ones below that as well.



Check junk email and Facebook message requests regularly. You are all strongly encouraged to become ‘Facebook friends’ with each other to make this much easier.


Make sure to press re-match after your first game and refresh the page if necessary if you clock doesn’t start after making a move or if your first move is not registered.


If you are wary of being falsely accused of cheating, it is recommended to film yourself playing your matches and save it which could exonerate you if there any disputes.


Please sign up to with your account joined to the club you are in at least half an hour before your game is due to start! Then click on the relevant game link and click ‘join match.’ If you are late the match will start without you and will count as a forfeit. 

You will need a stable internet connection to play. If you disconnect and lose time or the game that is unfortunate but nothing can and will be done on our side.

 Also, it is required that you take screenshots of any issues at the time and save them for later.

It is recommended to play your games on a computer, though if you have to use the phone you must use through the browser NOT the app as it will not work otherwise. 




This tournament takes safeguarding very seriously but the Tournament Director and the World Chess League.Live takes no legal responsibility for safeguarding, so parents and/or legal guardians will have to take responsibility and decisions associated with that. Note that is a third-party platform so consider carefully before you join.



Other stuff:


Your contact details can be transferred to third parties such as sponsors and you may be emailed about other Chess events. Your games may also be featured on commentary and in reports, please let us know if there are any issues with the latter point. Any online images of you may be used in promotional material for the tournament and you forfeit any right of anonymity in taking part (i.e. we may publish or announce ‘Joe Bloggs’ is playing in this tournament under this username).  



  • By entering and playing in this tournament, you and all your players agree to all these terms and for accepting the directions of the Tournament Director.


  • You must ensure that all your players read these rules and adhere to them, their participation of the tournament is acceptance of their subjection to their rules and regulations.



  • As for all tournaments these rules are subject to change any time at the sole direction of the Tournament Director and the decision made is final. The official tournament language is English. 



I hope this all makes sense and sorry for the information overload and thanks for your understanding.

We have lots of teams enjoying themselves already and we're sure it will continue to expand and continue to be a lot of competitive fun! 


Peter Hornsby,

Founder and Tournament Director of the World Chess League.Live